Monday, September 5, 2016

XU GRAD-ification

Luke decided to try out  his crafting skills by making his own bed out of pallets 
for his new apartment.
About a month or so ago he got this idea and asked his Dad and I for help. Joe has many pallets at the farm so Luke got busy....

The chalk box impressed Luke like no other tool in America....and after getting all the pallets cut to size he went to work sanding.

After a month of working on his bed....gratification....oh wait, we aren't finished yet....

It looks like it is two different being blue, but it is actually a steely gray color.

Here is Luke sitting on the front porch of his new apartment....yes, you see those windows on the 3rd floor? That's where we are heading!

Here is his bed finished and assembled in his room. That is his sister, Alison who came to visit...and then wanted to take a nap...ha...silly kids!
The beautiful quilt t-shirt blanket is a Martha Brown creation...a gift for Luke at his high school graduation...a treasure indeed!

Notice the extra length to his bed...his cubes were supposed to go there but he is using them in the corner of his room to put his tv on. He had decided it makes a good bench at the foot of his bed.

 His very cool rug he bought and if you notice his cubes in the corner...excuse the chaos.

Finishing touch...goes well with the color scheme.
Great job Luke with your very first crafty make your momma proud!

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  1. Oh what fun! Love seeing your cards, but love seeing this kind of post too. Third floor... ouch.