Friday, September 9, 2016

My new stamp room!

Here is the empty room I started with...this used to be Luke's bedroom but he just moved into his own apartment /working full time at his job, so it was perfect timing for me to have my own stamp room! The cute curtains I found at K-mart.

My amuse studio sign was painted by my sister when I joined amuse studio. It has been downstairs in my stamp area on an easel... but now it hangs in the perfect spot...come on in!

Luke's room has this amazing closet...and yes I filled it up pretty quick! This may be the only time it is all tidy. All I have to do is shut the door and no one will even see if it is messy. 
Notice the shelf above the closet...can't wait to fill that!

I was on the hunt for a stamp table or desk and found this beauty at Big Lots...of all places. I had spent an entire morning going to furniture stores...Hobby Lobby...and came up short. This is perfect as it has an outlet built in and USB ports too! I am very proud to say I put it together by myself!

I had these two paper sorters downstairs for a long time and they are quite handy for storing all my amuse studio cardstock.

Here is a good view of my work area...the bookcase with all my amuse stamp sets is just within reach of my desk. 

This wall needs some attention. I am on the search for some drawer cabinets so I can store my wood block stamps. I still need to hang the Martha Stewart shelf and the printer's tray shelf. When I find those and get situated I will be back with more pictures...but in the mean time...I am up and running!

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