Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Washi storage

Melissa gave me this great idea for storing my many rolls of washi tape. I have struggled with where to store it all and we were talking yesterday and she told me she put hers in a clear jar with a black lid and I am thinking... I have this great big clear  jar and voila!
It is perfect and so pretty! If she hadn't gone to Doreen's last week and shown me pics of Doreen's new stamp room I would still have them piled up on my stamp desk!!  Thanks for the tip Melissa!

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  1. Laura, I put my washi tape in an empty aluminum foil box. My husband cut a PVC pipe the length of the box and I threaded my rolls of washi tape on it and pushed in the little tabs on the side to hold the pipe in place. I think about 15-20 rolls of tape will fit in the box. It's really nice because there is a metal tearing edge for the tape.
    Nance in Reno