Saturday, April 23, 2016

Graduation Time

This will make the Graduate smile!
Sylvia rocked this gift card holder!
Pull the tab and you can put money or gift cards in the pocket.
So versatile for any event. 


  1. So Cute....any instructions available to make this? Would be
    great for a birthday also. Love it......

  2. here are the instructions for this gift card holder and the nugget treat posted the day after this...I hope you see this Vivian :)
    Money/Check Holder (Slide)

    Base of : 7"x 7 1/4" (score the 7 1/4" side at 2", 5" (use an oval punch (inserted half way) to make indention for pull)
    Then there are two layers on outside: make them 2 1/2" x length and 2 1/4" x length (again, line up with outside and use oval punch to match the base cut for indention).

    Inside (slide): 7" x 3" and then the layer to make pocket is 3" x 4" with a slice down side makes it easier to insert money and checks. You only need to glue three sides of this 3 x 4 piece to form pocket. Then decorate outside however you like.

    Three nugget holder:

    Card stock is 3" x 7 1/2"
    score the 7 1/2" side at: 1 3/8"; 1 7/8"; 3 1/4"; 3 3/4"

    Fold, glue and decorate -- holds three nuggets perfectly

  3. thank you it. can't wait to make one, maybe for
    my sister Birthday....