Wednesday, June 21, 2017

try this!

Went to visit my friend Carolyn and she showed me a new technique for a card. It is awesome and you have to try it.
You know those beautiful paper napkins or hand towels that are disposable?  Well you can use them to make gorgeous cards! Here is how you do it.
So you open the napkin and cut it to the size you want. This one is 4 x 6. You can get 4 out of some napkins...depends on the image. This napkin I can make 4 cards.
Here is the layering for your card.

You lay a piece of parchment paper down first
Then you lay your cardstock that is the same size as your napkin
Next you lay a piece of glad wrap on the cardstock
Lay the napkin on top of the glad wrap
Add another piece of parchment paper
Use hot iron setting and iron over parchment paper for a few minutes.
I recommend layering all these on top of an old cutting board to prevent making a mess to your counter top.
The heat melts the glad wrap and makes the napkin adhere to your cardstock. have a beautiful card in minutes. 

Thanks Carolyn for sharing this idea.

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