Saturday, July 23, 2016

NAT CON 2016!

Nat Con 2016 started off with a bang! The severe thunderstorm with torrential rains, hail, wind, and a 12 hour power outage made for an interesting 1st day!

Free car wash!!

Yes, that was us in the Purple zone...a little scary but we still had fun!
The "driveway of death" was a challenge in itself. One way in and one way out!

Great group of fellow consultants whom I get to see every year and catch up!
I even got to make some new friends this year.

There is always time to relax and take in the beautiful scenery!

see that driveway of death? 

Melissa, Sylvia, and I always have such a great time when we are together!

Our leader Linda and Sherry give us some tips on how to work our business.

There is always good food to enjoy and our chefs Dave and Bill ( Heather and Linda's significant others) did a fantastic job of cooking!

Did I mention all the SWAG we bring home? Well we do! This year we all received Kindle Fires with the catalogs already downloaded! (One small glitch...catalogs had some incorrect we need to fix that!)

 Just a few of the fun projects we made at Nat much crafting in one weekend!

Craft Wars

These gals made the best roomies! 

You all rock! 
See you next year!

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